Sevensea Restaurant

Sevensea Restaurant

Hours 6:00 am – 10:00 pm
Location Ground floor & 1st floor Almond Hotel Bassac River, Phnom Penh
Seats 168 seats
VIP Room 7 Rooms
Contact Tel: +855-23-22-07-22

Sevensea Seafood Restaurant is one of the most exciting culinary address in Phnom Penh.  It is another one of unique culinary concept of Master Chef Luu Meng, who is internationally recognized as Cambodia’s most eminent and celebrated chef; not only for propelling Cambodian cuisine into international awareness but also introducing a variety of Chinese cooking styles into Phnom Penh.   At Sevensea Seafood Restaurant, each of our chefs adds his own creativity to each of the dish be it Chinese or the popular Cambodian or Western dishes using premium seafood as its centerpiece.

The restaurant sources the finest and freshest seafood and uses traditional, classical and contemporary kitchen techniques to present some of the most exciting and exceptional seafood dining in the capital city.  Guests can enjoy the conceptual ambience of the restaurant or take advantage of the lavish and exclusive intimacy of any one of our seven private dining rooms.

Specialities of seven countries

Sevensea Seafood Restaurant is known for its premium quality seafood and has a ethnic dining scene that’s full of flavor, offering a wide range of Asian cuisines like Khmer, Chinese, Japanese.

Seven private dining rooms

Our seven private dining rooms feature an intimate setting from four to forty guests, they are definitely a perfect setting for any of your event, from social gatherings, family reunions to business events.

Seven chefs all masters

The finest seafood and freshest seasonal ingredience need our best chefs of cuisine to bring greater subtlety to the traditional dishes of the region, as well as more creativity in their presentation.

Seven seafood all fresh

Head to the Sevensea Seafood Restaurant for a plethora of seafood from all over the world, including Boston lobster, Alaskan king crab legs and scallop, seasonal oysters, tiger prawns, tuna tartare and more.

Seven menus all seasonal

With all our menus designed with food and wine enthusiasts in mind, Sevensea highlights seafood from all over the world with local flavors and perfect pairings from our wine cellar.

Seven art deco sculptures

You no longer have to visit a museum to appreciate paintings or sculptures as we intend to bring art deco masterpieces to you with an innovative and eye-opening approach to hospitality.  All the arts and sculptures are available for sale; check with our Front Desk Reception.