Uy Kuyteav

Uy Kuyteav

Uy Kuyteav Cambodian Restaurant

About One of Almond Group’s latest ventures, the menu at Uy Kuyteav restaurant is inspired by Cambodia’s profusion of herbs.

We take our name from a national favourite, kuyteav, a nourishing rice noodle soup that is enjoyed by young and old throughout the country. You find it everywhere from Mom’s kitchen to food stalls and street vendors.

Uy Kuyteav founder and renowned Cambodian chef Luu Meng has perfected the taste of this popular dish. The soup is lovingly prepared with quality pork bones cooked slowly to extract a most flavourful broth.

Only prime ingredients, starting from Cambodia’s fresh herbs and spices such as the Protected Geographic Indication Kampot pepper make it into our dishes. And it doesn’t get much more authentic than marinated Goby fish slow cooked in Cambodian green curry with slices of young palm fruit and tender eggplant, one of many dishes on offer.

There are over 10 types of kuyteav to choose from, and that’s just the beginning!

Each dish is prepared with utmost care and love in a responsible, home-cooked style. Local beverages, including our own Luu Meng blend coffee and fresh green mango juice, plus a selection of teas and other fruit juices are available to complement your meal.

We serve regional variants of Cambodian dishes, like Battambang sour soup and Takeo-style Bong kong or giant Mekong river prawns, and serve original creations such as our bone marrow steak marinated with Cambodian herbs, natural sea salt and Kampot pepper.

We warmly invite you to celebrate and enjoy Phnom Penh’s most delicious and sought after rice noodle soup and much more at Uy Kuyteav!

Events (Private rooms)

All our Uy Kuyteav restaurants have private rooms for meetings and conferences, intimate dinners, special occasions and more.  All rooms have a screen and/or projector and stereo system as standard, with optional extras such as speaker podiums and microphones available upon request. The minimal though distinctively Cambodian motifs in our restaurant interior design can be found in some of our rooms.

Please contact individual outlets for more information regarding availability and seating capacity of our private rooms.

Our food and beverages are also available for outside catering, for example at wedding receptions and ceremony rehearsals.

Aeon Mall

Aeon Mall

Uy Kuyteav Ground Floor of Aeon Mall

In a hurry? Our Aeon location has your convenience in mind but don’t worry- the food is still of the highest standard.

Our dry kuyteav with pork and pickled vegetables is the perfect example of the time and love we put into our dishes: slices of turnip and cabbage are slow cooked for 48 hours then combined with wok fried minced pork and our premium noodles. Or try our special dry style Kuyteav with preserved beans and spring onions served on a bed of rice noodles with a pork and vegetable broth on the side.

Kampuchea Krom

Kampuchea Krom

Uy Kuyteav Kampuchea Krom

At our location near the Royal University of Phnom Penh serves up some of the best Fish Amok in town: pieces of freshwater fish in a beautifully fragrant and balanced kroueng-flavoured custard, plus hard to find dishes like our Slow cooked pork rib soup with Cambodia spices and shredded coconut, and Braised chicken with red, black and green Kampot pepper.

Wold Dining

Wold Dining

Uy Kuyteav Hanoi Boulevard

At our newest Uy Kuyteav Hanoi Boulevard, find classic dishes like Phnom Penh Kuyteav, as well as our special Kampot Pepper Beef rice and Banana Stalk and Baby Shrimp soup, alongside over 60 other dishes plus delicious desserts. Also, there is Fish Amok in town; a dish of pieces of freshwater fish in a beautifully fragrant and balanced kroueng-flavoured custard. In addition, our popular slow-cooked pork rib soup with Cambodian spices and shredded coconut together with the local favourite braised chicken with red, black and green Kampot pepper are must try dishes when you visit our outlet.