Yi Sang Restaurant (BKK)

Here like all our branches, we serve quality fresh dimsum and live seafood, including rock crab, goby fish and black grouper.

At our BKK branch, we are famous for our quality steamed and wok-fried rice noodle rolls stuffed with BBQ pork, crab meat gravy and dried shrimp. All our rolls are freshly made- watch our chefs in action at our open chee cheoung fun station!

On the menu are also unique dishes like Kampot long pepper baked chicken, outstanding clay pot dishes, like signature rice with pork liver sausage, grilled sweet and sour pork and egg claypot, and over 8 slow cooked soups infused with health giving Chinese herbs.

Our central location in the desirable BKK neighbourhood means that you’re never too far from your favourite Cantonese dishes, whether you choose to dine alfresco, or inside in our ground floor dining rooms or first floor private rooms with ensuite and private balcony.